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Intuitive Tarot Lesson 1: What is Intuition?

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
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Jeannie Zukav
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From my experience Intuition is natural. It encompasses all of our senses, the ones we know about and ones that are more subtle. Intuition is part of our survival mechanism. It helps us to see what is around us and is not bound by time or distance.

Some feel Intuition in their bodies, some hear it in their mind, some see it in their dreams, visions, and waking time, and all of us get those premonitions from time to time that tell us that our senses are working.

We all know the feeling when we know something wonderful or not so wonderful is about to happen. With Intuition it’s much easier to know if you should move towards, or away from something or someone.

Trusting your Intuition means you are listening to your whole self. Allowing yourself to listen deeply helps you to stay on your authentic path. It helps you to be real and integrated.

When you develop your intuition you are clearing your ability to receive information you can trust. Intuition is always here waiting to come to your assistance.