Intuitive Tarot Lesson 3: How the Symbolism of Tarot Supports Your Intuition

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In 1989 when I first moved to San Francisco to complete my college studies in creative writing and education, I felt a strong calling to support my Intuition. I was immersed in assignments from school, yet something deeper was urging me to broaden my scope. I found myself delving into the oral tradition, creation and cautionary stories passed on through the ages to protect us. I started looking at symbols and the lessons they taught. It wasn’t long before I found myself with my first Tarot Deck. I chose the Motherpeace cards (see my blog about choosing your first deck below).

I tried to find the oldest stories from as many parts of the world as I could. I wanted to learn the lessons of the ones who lived before me. I looked at the symbols they wove into their cloths, marked onto their bodies, crafted into their pottery, carved into stones, painted onto cave walls. I listened to sacred music, the songs they sang and watched ceremonial dances. I listened to the prayers and mantras that comforted them. And all of it started to come together as survival stories, nature’s stories. Zig-zag patterns represented water, crosses signified the 4 directions, circles meant creation, spirals indicated growth, Z shapes symbolized lightning.

As I began to take in the messages and symbols on my Tarot cards I realized that they were a continuation of the ancient stories, still speaking through imagery and symbols. The major arcana cards represented universal life patterns that are still relevant…and evolving. The minor arcana cards showed me manifested patterns and connected me to everyday life.

As I spent time with the images and symbols on my cards, the stories they told came alive. There was a movement in each card, and card spreads could show me vivid stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

The cards showed me the stories and my Intuition completed and confirmed them. The cards prompted me to recognize what my Intuition knew without them. They attuned me to the cycles and patterns I was experiencing.

Now, 33 years later (updated in 2022) as I teach Intuition Studies, I can say that what we’re learning really is to trust what we already know. Symbolism is a reference that points to life patterns. Truly it’s Life who is our greatest teacher.

If you are interested in developing your Intuition or would like to receive an Intuitive Reading from me, please contact me at 415 267-3970 in San Francisco, CA, or email me via my website.

To Those Who Seek the Wisdom Found In Nature


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