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Best Tarot Card Decks and Other Tools~For Inspirational Readings

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
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Jeannie Zukav
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I recommend working with Tarot Cards (intuition tools) that both motivate and inspire you. After all, you get to choose your cards. And like choosing friends, you want to pick ones that help and support you on your life path in a positive way.

Here’s a list of my favorite Tarot Decks, in no particular order:

1. Motherpeace Tarot Cards-by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble

A good everyday deck, and good for learning the tarot with. Motherpeace cards are round and enable the Reader to provide a very holistic/earthy and precise vision of what’s going on. This is the deck I learned on, and the deck I use the most for Readings for myself and others.

2. Osho Zen Tarot-by Osho

A good everyday deck, and good for learning the tarot with. The Osho cards offer a Zen Buddhist perspective that I find to be very helpful when I’m looking for a deeper introspective understanding. The card images on this deck tell a story.

3. Tarot of the Four Elements-by Isha Lerner

A good everyday deck, and good for learning the tarot with. This deck is so colorful and vibrates life. This deck really gives the 4 elements of the minor arcana a voice.

4. Vibrational Healing Cards-by Rowena Pattee Kryder

I’ve had this deck a long time. Though you can create spreads with it, I use it for one card meditative readings and or as single root cards to support full Readings with other cards. The lessons of these cards are energy lessons. These cards go beyond the paradigm of major and minor arcana cards. They present profoundly deep lessons for spiritual growth and evolution.

5. Cosmic Deck of Initiation-by Barbara M. Delong

I’ve also used this deck for a long time. Though you can create spreads with it, I use it for one card meditative readings and or as single root cards to support full Readings with other cards. These cards are round and offer lessons that include titles like: Universal Healing, Law of Cause and Effect, Healer Within, Sower of Seeds…

6. Medicine Cards-by Jamie Sams, David Carson, and Angela C. Werneke

A favorite deck of mine. I use this deck for spreads and one card Readings. The images connect you to the lessons of North American Animals. The book that comes with this deck is so helpful in that it explains the animal lessons with text, verse, and stories carried down by oral tradition.

7. The Kabbalah Deck-by Edward Hoffman

This deck and the book that comes with it introduced me to the meaning of Hebrew Letters. I use this deck for spreads and one card meditation Readings when I’m in need of deeply introspective/esoteric information.

8. Goddess Tarot-by Kris Waldherr

This deck is beautifully rendered and teaches female wisdom from many cultures. It can be used for spreads, one card meditations, and for learning tarot.

9. Medicine Woman Tarot-by Carol Bridges

A down to earth deck good for spreads and one card Readings. This deck would also be good to learn tarot with. The card images present a good balance between male and female energy.

10. Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom-by Catherine Becker

This deck was given to me as a gift when I was on the Big Island. The cards carry the stories of indigenous Hawaiian lessons. I use this deck for spreads and one card Readings.

11.  Tao Oracle:  Ma Deva Padma

These cards express their wisdom through I Ching symbolism and artwork.  They are beautifully made with warm and nurturing images and come with a companion book that explains the I Ching symbols and the imagery on each card.  They do not contain major or minor arcana.  I use them for one card Readings, and sometimes for full spreads.  The only thing I don’t like about these cards is that the card stock is fairly thick and a bit awkward to handle.

12.  The Oracle of Kabbalah:  Richard Seidman

This deck teaches lessons based on the letters of the hebrew alphabet (aleph beit).  Each card depicts one letter.  The book is well organized and clearly written giving full explanations of the letters, a synopsis of their meanings, and personal anecdotes helping readers to use and understanding each letter’s story.  I use these cards for one card Readings and spreads.

13.  Tarot of Trees:  Dana Driscoll

What a sweet deck!  The creator of these cards has managed to create a full major and minor arcana tarot deck with trees as the main characters.  A student introduced me to this deck and I enjoyed teaching them to her.  They come with a complete book and can be used for full spreads and one card Readings.  The cards are small and easy to handle. 

14The I Ching:

I love the I Ching. This system seems to help me when I’m looking for insight about how to respond to something I’m experiencing.

Buy the I Ching Book of Changes translated by Wilhelm/Baynes and throw coins or…

Learn to do the long version of I Ching with yarrow sticks. For this I recommend The I Ching Workbook Gift Set: The I Ching Workbook + 50 Yarrow Stalks-by Wu Wei. This set has everything you need and really clear directions.

If you are interested in developing your Intuition, I offer one on one Intuition Tarot Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, and over the telephone. Classes are open to beginning to experienced students of all ages. Contact me @ 415/267-3970 for sign-up information.

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Intuitive Tarot Lesson 3: How the Symbolism of Tarot Supports Your Intuition

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
San Francisco, CA
Jeannie Zukav
Telephone:  415 267-3970

In 1989 when I first moved to San Francisco to complete my college studies in creative writing and education, I felt a strong calling to support my Intuition. I was immersed in assignments from school, yet something deeper was urging me to broaden my scope. I found myself delving into the oral tradition, creation and cautionary stories passed on through the ages to protect us. I started looking at symbols and the lessons they taught. It wasn’t long before I found myself with my first Tarot Deck. I chose the Motherpeace cards (see my blog about choosing your first deck below).

I tried to find the oldest stories from as many parts of the world as I could. I wanted to learn the lessons of the ones who lived before me. I looked at the symbols they wove into their cloths, marked onto their bodies, crafted into their pottery, carved into stones, painted onto cave walls. I listened to sacred music, the songs they sang and watched ceremonial dances. I listened to the prayers and mantras that comforted them. And all of it started to come together as survival stories, nature’s stories. Zig-zag patterns represented water, crosses signified the 4 directions, circles meant creation, spirals indicated growth, Z shapes symbolized lightning.

As I began to take in the messages and symbols on my Tarot cards I realized that they were a continuation of the ancient stories, still speaking through imagery and symbols. The major arcana cards represented universal life patterns that are still relevant…and evolving. The minor arcana cards showed me manifested patterns and connected me to everyday life.

As I spent time with the images and symbols on my cards, the stories they told came alive. There was a movement in each card, and card spreads could show me vivid stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

The cards showed me the stories and my Intuition completed and confirmed them. The cards prompted me to recognize what my Intuition knew without them. They attuned me to the cycles and patterns I was experiencing.

Now, 20 years later as I teach Intuition Studies, I can say that what we’re learning really is to trust what we already know. Symbolism is a reference that points to life patterns. But truly it’s Life who is our greatest teacher.

Intuitive Tarot Lesson 2: Choosing Your First Tarot Card Deck – Choosing Symbols to Work With

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
San Francisco, CA
Jeannie Zukav
Telephone:  415 267-3970

Prospective Tarot students often tell me that they really want to learn Tarot but for some reason they have a hard time sitting still with their cards. I ask them if they love their cards and they’ll say no. Ah then this is the problem. You have to love the cards that you’re about to work with and through.

Let’s define what Tarot cards are and how they are used. Tarot cards fall into the category of intuitive or divination tools. Like diagnostic indicators, they inform the Reader through symbolism what is currently happening. Most Tarot cards are representations of two worlds:

  1. The world of universal truths and life lessons as depicted in the major arcana cards
  2. The world of learning those lessons in your every day life as depicted in minor arcana cards

The original Tarot deck, as far as we can tell, was created during the 1400’s in medieval times. But nobody can agree on the origins of tarot, or how far back its symbolism really goes. Symbolism has been a means to transmit cultural wisdom since ancient times. The symbols represent natural forces from the cosmos to the earth. Attributes of humanity show up symbolically in all cultures. It’s hard to know which symbols started where. For example the many armed Hindu deities of ancient India carry symbols or attributes including the lotus, mirror, fire, bell, trident …. Some carry the sword, bowl, rod, and disc, which are seen in tarot cards we use today. Might they be related? Symbols of wisdom and the natural elements are seen throughout the world. Teaching and learning through the oral tradition and symbols is at the heart of Tarot reading.

So, how do you choose the right deck for you?

Since the 1960’s Tarot cards have grown to encompass many paths and stories. The Rider-Waite deck, which still echoes a culture of kings queens knights and pages is by far not the only choice. I personally use decks that represent cultural paradigms that resonate true within myself. I like to use earthy round cards that keep me connected to life and harmonic life cycles. The war culture images on the Rider-Waite tarot deck may resonate for some, but don’t resonate for me.

So, look at the images on the cards and see what story they are telling. There are many many ways to be in the world. Who you are and the energy you want to support in yourself should be taken into consideration when making your final selection.

Choose a deck that inspires you. Choose one that makes you feel uplifted just by looking at it. Look at the major arcana cards. Are they representing the world as you experience it? Even though you may not understand the specifics of the symbolism depicted on these cards, decide if they resonate with you on every level.

Tarot cards represent one way that symbols are expressed. They are guides. They open doors to much more exploration. The cards point to life. They represent moving and changing dynamics…they help you to see what is already present.

Life is always speaking to us…we need only to listen.

Jeannie Zukav is a long time Intuitive Tarot Reader residing in San Francisco. If you are interested in a private reading or classes with her she may be reached at 415/267-3970. She will return your call within 24 hours.

To learn more about Intuitive Tarot Readings, Classes, and Readings for Events visit Jeannie’s website at:

Intuitive Tarot Lesson 1: What is Intuition?

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
San Francisco, CA
Jeannie Zukav
Telephone:  415 267-3970

From my experience Intuition is natural. It encompasses all of our senses, the ones we know about and ones that are more subtle. Intuition is part of our survival mechanism. It helps us to see what is around us and is not bound by time or distance.

Some feel Intuition in their bodies, some hear it in their mind, some see it in their dreams, visions, and waking time, and all of us get those premonitions from time to time that tell us that our senses are working.

We all know the feeling when we know something wonderful or not so wonderful is about to happen. With Intuition it’s much easier to know if you should move towards, or away from something or someone.

Trusting your Intuition means you are listening to your whole self. Allowing yourself to listen deeply helps you to stay on your authentic path. It helps you to be real and integrated.

When you develop your intuition you are clearing your ability to receive information you can trust. Intuition is always here waiting to come to your assistance.

Embracing Your Pain – Healing Pain With Compassion and Awareness

Intuitive Tarot Readings by Jeannie
San Francisco, CA
Jeannie Zukav
Telephone:  415 267-3970

Do not shy away from your pain
in fact allow yourself to drop through your heart
and into the deepest roots of it
for it is in that combination of love and pain
you find the anecdote.

Jeannie Zukav


This is my first blog on WordPress. So, for those of you who may not be familiar with me, I am a long time professional Intuitive who lives in San Francisco. I offer individual counseling, mentor those who want to learn how to develop their intuitive abilities, and offer Readings for private and corporate events and gatherings.

In my work, I am presented with people who are trying to make the best decisions for themselves. Fear of failure can stop them from opening doors to new opportunities. The mind says something like, “I want to be in love, or I want to apply for a new position, or I want to write that novel, but when I tried before it didn’t work out and I got hurt.” More times than not, after we experience something deeply negative, our mind will vow, “I’m never going to do that again.”

Healing from painful experiences is an important topic, because if your early life was anything like mine was, you probably weren’t shown too many coping skills to help you to deal with your pain in a productive way. I was taught to either suppress pain or to express my anger to others if I felt I was in the right. Suppressing my pain led to depression and trapped my feelings in a way that they couldn’t change. And expressing my anger just added more suffering.  I also found that the I’m right and you’re wrong perspective pitted me against others, and didn’t help to build understanding.

So what are the steps to transforming pain from something that holds you back, to something that helps you to move freely towards your visions? Zen Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that we must take care of our pain. That in bringing awareness to our pain we can transform it.

A Sitting Meditation
By Thich Nhat Hanh

Joy of Meditation as Nourishment

1. Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.

2. Breathing in, I dwell in the present moment.
Breathing out, I know it is a wonderful moment.

By embracing ourselves and our pain, by sitting still with our pain, by breathing into our pain, we begin to take care of it. We don’t analyze or judge it, we simply sit with it and hold it as we would a crying child. We stay with ourselves during our time of need. Even if we have never done so before. It doesn’t matter if the pain is new or old. We accept that we are in pain and sit patiently with it.

You may feel many emotions. You needn’t analyze them. Just allow them to cycle through with acceptance. You may feel a release. You may feel an ease. You are allowing your pain to be part of your path of healing.

Lessons may arise from this experience. Space opens up. New possibilities and beginnings can come because the pain is no longer stuck. It doesn’t mean that you forget your experiences. It means that you have learned to let them help you to take another spin around the wheel of life and to create anew.